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At Chorley Pole Fitness we teach you how to become fit, strong, confident and talented all in an hour group pole lesson or through private tuition. Your aerial hoop and pole fitness classes wont feel like a work out as you try to conquer your next move and catch up on the latest gossip with the rest of the girls (but guys welcome too!)

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Meet the team behind Chorley pole fitness Studios. With qualifications galore you can be sure that you will learn aerial acrobatics in a safe and supportive environment.




Want to get into the nitty gritty of what happens in our pole classes? We go through what to expect in a lesson and what you need to bring.




Read on to find out what our students think to our aerial hoop & pole fitness classes and why they keep coming back to CPF Studios again and again.




pole fitness group classes

£10 per session
£35.00 for 4 weekly consecutive lessons

Monday at 6.30pm & 7.30pm

Tuesday 7pm & 8pm

Thursday 6pm, 7pm & 8pm


pole fitness private classes

1:1 £25
2:1 £35.00
3:1 £45.00

Daytimes or evenings get in touch to book your slot

Aerial Hoop group classes

£10 per session

£35.00 for 4 weekly consecutive lessons

Monday 7.30pm

Tuesday 6pm

Thursday 8pm


Aerial Hoop private classes

1:1 £25.00
2:1 £35.00

Daytimes or evenings get in touch to book your slot

People are often unaware of the benefits of attending pole fitness sessions. Pole fitness benefits include building muscle, gaining a lot of upper body strength and definition throughout the arm, shoulder and back areas. Another great benefit of pole fitness is that it also tones your abdominal muscles and works on your core muscles giving… Read more »

So your wondering what to what to wear at pole fitness. Well there’s few must have to consider….. Clothing We recommend when attending your pole fitness sessions that you wear a tracksuit or gym style wear leggings/ hoodie with trainers for your warm up. We ask that you wear a tshirt and shorts during the… Read more »

Quite a few students come to a pole fitness session just to escape general life for 60 minutes of there week. Other students come to progress to an advance level, to better themselves & maybe even compete eventually. Some students have poles at there homes to practice on during the week outside of there pole… Read more »

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