Aerial Hoop classes

For all abilities

Our Aerial Hoop classes are for everyone, of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. With regular group classes on the timetable at our Chorley Studio, we offer a fun, friendly and supportive place to learn a new skill, and get fit at the same time.

Aerial Hoop is an amazing workout which increases strength, and best of all, confidence.

All CPF Studios instructors are fully certified, making you, your experience and your safety our priority. We offer both group classes and private tuition. You can set your own goals and work at your own pace, with our support and guidance..

Aerial hoop group classes

£35.00 for 4 weekly consecutive lessons

Monday 7.30pm

Tuesday 6pm

Thursday 8pm

Aerial hoop private classes

1:1 £25.00
2:1 £35.00
3:1 £45.00
Daytimes or evenings get in touch to book your slot



Pole Fitness SkillsSkills

Beginner group classes

Learning at your own pace

If you’ve never even seen an Aerial Hoop before but fancy giving it a try, come and see us in Chorley and we will work together step by step, to achieve your goals

beginner pole class


Pushing you on

With our support, ideas and enthusiasm for ongoing training, we can help you work on the beautiful moves or the power moves you’ve seen other students or your instructors do

We’ll work on the latest moves or even bring in ones you’ve found yourself that you’d like to try.

advanced pole fitness classes

Private classes

The quickest way to the best results

Our private classes can be one to one or with a few of your friends and will really focus on your strengths and weaknesses meaning you progress quickly.

They can be scheduled around when works best for you, (especially if you work shifts) and will give you the best results in the quickest time.

private pole fitness class

What to wear at aerial hoop classes

and useful other bits too

  • Leggings or thick tights Unlike pole you can have your logs covered but nothing too loose to avoid getting caught on your clothing
  • Long socks or Leg Warmers Great for keeping your legs warm and to provide some padding from the hoop
  • Long tops / Tshirts No need to sleeves with aerial hoop unlike pole fitness
  • No jewellery To avoid loss or damage we ask that you remove your jewellery too

Warm up

Light cardio and stretching to get your muscles warm and joints loosened ready for exercise

10 minutes

Aerial Hoop time

Although in a group setting, students will get chance to redo their favourite move, retry a move we’ve done before and then all learn new moves. We can link these all together into beautiful combos, or just smile for a photo. Your class is what you want it to be.

45 minutes


After all our hard work and achievements, we need a good stretch to minimise the risk of soreness the following days. And even though that will be the end of the class, you won’t want it to be over!

5 minutes

Amazing place would recommend to anyone! It’s great for all shapes and sizes and all skill levels. You get to meet some great people and every lesson is as fun as the rest!

Gemma Beresford

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