Everything you need to know

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about pole fitness and CPF Studios to help you put any fears or worries to rest.

What shall I wear?

We recommend you wear shorts, a tshirt & bare feet. During warm up we suggest you wear a tracksuit or leggings with trainers.

Please don’t moisturiser or apply false tan 24 hours prior to your session as you need to be able to grip on the pole, this is not only dangerous for you but also your fellow polers.

How much is it?

Sessions cost £10.00 a session or you can block book 4 for £35.00 (1 per week/4 weeks) There is a no cancellation or carryover policy on block bookings.

Can I have private tuition?

Yes! Private pole fitness classes are available during the daytime Monday – Friday. Evenings are very limited due to group sessions but I have limited availability on a Wednesday & Friday evening.

  • 1:1 £25.00
  • 2:1 £35.00
  • 3:1 £45.00

Private Group Bookings are for a girly get together, corporate event, birthday celebration or even Hen Parties.
An hours private group is £15.00 pp minimum of 4 people. For larger private groups or for longer than one hour sessions please get in contact.

When can I start post baby?

After having a baby through normal birth we recommend that you wait until you are 12 weeks post-partum and are already working through core exercises.

If you have had a c-section we recommend a minimum of 6 months post-partum and that you are actively already exercising.

Do I need to loose weight before joining a class?

No you don’t, this is a fitness class and we work with your own personal fitness ability. We work to a cardio level, we also focus on building your upper body strength, toning the entire body & giving you some muscle definition. Joining one of our classes could well help you burn 400 calories from just one hour of pole fitness.

Am I going to fall off the pole and hurt myself?

This is impossible as we teach you the very basics, you have a spotter for advanced moves and are given professional instruction. It takes a good 6/8 weeks to even to begin to build your body strength up to the requirements needed to invert (go upside down). We start you right at the beginning learning all the basics and basic spins/hand grips/transitions/floorwork.

What if I look stupid?

I have taught thousands of ladies over the years and not one of them as ever made a fool out of themselves. Once in the class you’ll realise you’re surrounded by incredibly supportive girls who’ve all been there before (or who are going through their paces with you!)

Am I too big for pole fitness?

All shapes and sizes can do pole fitness. If you struggle to lift your weight then as long as you have the determination to get better and not give up you will be able to lift into spins in no time at all! We advise that it takes 6/8 weeks to be able to start building your upper body strength up and demonstrating controlled spins.

What if I don’t have much confidence?

All you have to do is take the first step of coming to a class and seeing what it is all about! At CPF we host a friendly studio where many had the same fears you do, you will be taught by friendly, fun instructors and it’s rare to see a girl not grow in confidence with each move or spin mastered.

Can I come on my own?

95% of our client base all started coming on there own and over a few weeks have found new pole buddies and have formed great new friendships. Our classes are great for finding new friends and doing something just for you! Getting out of the house, away from the stress of our daily worries etc