Pole fitness classes

A class for everyone

Our pole fitness classes are so much fun! With beginner, advanced and private pole classes you can learn your aerial art at your own pace. We provide group classes so you can learn with the support of your team or for a more focused experience book a private pole class to hone those tricky moves on your own or with a few friends.

We work on X poles that can interchange from spin to static and safety is our top priority so we provide crash mats and spotters for the riskier moves.

Pole fitness group classes

£10.00 per session

£35.00 for 4 weekly consecutive lessons

Monday at 6.30pm & 7.30pm
Tuesday  7pm & 8pm
Thursday 6pm, 7pm & 8pm

Pole fitness private classes available by request

1:1 £25.00
2:1 £35.00
3:1 £45.00
Daytimes or evenings get in touch to book your slot



Pole Fitness SkillsSkills

Beginners to intermediate group classes

Learning at your own pace

Whether you’ve never been near a pole before or be dabbling for a while we go at your own pace to ensure you can safely progress your skills surrounded by a great team of other polers.

With both group and one to one instruction you can learn pole fitness with a great team of girls to support you. You will be paired up with another member of the team who will be your ‘spotter’ for the trickier moves but this also helps with general encouragement and a little bit of competitiveness.

beginner pole class

Advanced classes

Pushing you on

With our qualifications at Chorley pole fitness we can show you how to safely and confidently push yourself further than you ever thought you could go, stronger than you ever though you could be and more flexible than you ever though possible.

We’ll work on the latest moves or even bring in ones you’ve found yourself that you’d like to try.

advanced pole fitness classes

Private classes

The quickest way to the best results

Our private classes can be one to one or with a few of your friends and will really focus on your strengths and weaknesses meaning you progress quickly.

They can be scheduled around when works best for you, (especially if you work shifts) and will give you the best results in the quickest time.

private pole fitness class

What to wear at pole fitness

and useful other bits too


  • Shorts You need to be able to grip the pole with the skin at the top of your thighs.

    If the thought of this terrifies you read this blog post

  • Vest top You may also need to grip the pole with areas like your armpit or shoulder
  • Don’t moisurise Moisuriser ruins any grip you need on the pole so maybe give it a miss on class day
  • Don’t wear jewellery Things like rings, bracelets, necklaces etc can get in the way and be a safety issue so we ask that you remove them before getting on a pole


  • Sports bra Some moves are easier if you can use the skin on your stomach so you may want to whip off the vest top.
  • Dry hands Dry hands is a solution that can help you grip to the pole making your moves easier

Warm up

Some light cardio and stretching will get you warmed up and ensure you can do your best on the pole and that your muscles are prepared to carry your weight

10 minutes

Spin training

Here comes the fun bit! To warm up the pole ready for the more advanced moves later we work on our spins. Slip through the air with grace as you combine positions to create a beautiful areal display. At Chorley pole fitness we have X poles that can be changed from spin to static so you can twirl for hours with very little momentum or work on static to really build up your strength as you push yourself around the pole.

20 minutes

Static training

The more advanced moves usually need a static pole. Now we’re nice and warmed up and our bodies are used to holding our weight we’ll push you to your limit and work on things like inverting, climbing and more. At this point the class usually pairs up to ensure safety spotting and you work with other team mates at a similar level to you to push each other forwards.

25 minutes


After we’ve mastered our moves and had a good workout we need to stretch it out to reduce injury. A few minutes stretching our muscles and you are good to go buzzing form all you’ve achieved in your class.

5 minutes

Love going to CPF Studios. Great work out for core and upper body. New moves practiced every week. Michelle is a super instructor and I have made loads of new friends.

Carole Tate

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