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Pole fitness benefits

People are often unaware of the benefits of attending pole fitness sessions. Pole fitness benefits include building muscle, gaining a lot of upper body strength and definition throughout the arm, shoulder and back areas. Another great benefit of pole fitness is that it also tones your abdominal muscles and works on your core muscles giving you a stronger core all round.

You may think what is this scientific hype all about “core muscles” what are they…. The major muscles of your core reside in the area of your belly and the mid and lower back. Core exercises are a very important part of a well rounded fitness programme however most people neglect this area. Core exercises improve your balance and stability in daily activities not just in fitness sessions.

More benefits of pole fitness include increased flexibility, improved coordination, increased self esteem and freedom of self expression.

Pole fitness benefits your inner self by releasing the happy hormones ‘endorphins’. Everyone gets stuck in a rut and the stress of a daily life at work certainly takes its toll. The last thing feel like doing is heading out the door to go work out. But tell me, have you ever managed to drag yourself out the door and exercise only to feel 10x better and decide you’ll do it again tomorrow?

This happy, empowered feeling are the endorphins being released. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and also trigger positive feeling in the body. Awesome!

Regular exercise has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • ward of anxiety and feelings of depression
  • boost self esteem
  • improves sleep

So what are the pole fitness benefits over a gym membership? Well it’s pay as you go for a start so no yearly contracts (yey!). But not only do you create a more tined a healthy you but you can redefine how you see yourself, build confidence and become part of the sisterhood.

Now as you can see above there really is some great benefits of pole fitness, so grab your gym bag and head down to one of our pole fitness sessions.