Lovely people, lovely words

It can be overwhelming hearing some of the lovely things people have said about the studio. We put everything into making this pole fitness studio a place you want to come every week, an escape, a dojo, whatever you want it to be so it’s so great hearing the impact it has on our students.

If you’ve seen people going to pole and thought about giving it a go, then this is the place to go! Michelle and Lennie run perfect classes from starter to advanced. It’s a fun environment and we always have an absolute blast. I’ve been piling for 6 months at cpf now and I was terrified at first, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, or that the people who do pole would all be supermodels…… That isn’t the case. The people who pole here range from young to mature. All at different levels, but no matter what level you’re at you can guarantee Michelle or Lennie will be right there by your side guiding you through every move. This is so much more than a fitness class, it becomes an obsession, a way of life but much more than that, for me and many of the other girls it’s become our counselling session. Regardless of how rubbish your day has been, what stresses are going on, how fed up you are of nagging kids you can guarantee after an hour at cpf with your pole family, you will walk out smiling, feeling great and on top of the world. What’s more I can personally promise your body will transform in ways no other activity will give you the same results with so soon. Strong is the new sexy 🙂 give it a go you have nothing to lose but you really do have so much to gain 🙂

Laura Howarth

I can not big up this place enough. thank you everyone for being so lovely & friendly. Michelle J Jackson & Lennie Eccles for being great teacher & making each week fun. also to Louise Parkin for being my pole partner.
I am so happy I found this place & heart emoticon it. everyone makes you feel welcome & not body conscious at all. heart emoticon to you all xx ‪#‎thursdaycrew‬

Sarah Southworth

Love going to CPF. Great work out for core and upper body. New moves practiced every week. Michelle is a super instructor and I have made loads of new friends

Carole Tate

CPF is a great place to get fit and have fun. Everyone is really friendly and the instructors are really patient and inspiring.

Lisa Thomas

Amazing place would recommend to anyone! It’s great for all shapes and sizes and all skill levels. You get to meet some great people and every lesson is as fun as the rest!

Gemma Beresford