What to wear at pole fitness

So your wondering what to what to wear at pole fitness. Well there’s few must have to consider…..


We recommend when attending your pole fitness sessions that you wear a tracksuit or gym style wear leggings/ hoodie with trainers for your warm up. We ask that you wear a tshirt and shorts during the actual pole fitness session so that you have skin contact with the pole so you find it easier & don’t slip. The more actual leg grip you have the better!


We also ask that you refrain from moisturising on the day of your pole fitness session as this makes the skin slippy, it also transfers from your skin to the pole making it dangerous not just for you but for your fellow polers.


Please also make sure you leave your jewellery at home especially rings as they interfere with your hand grip, cut into your fingers and also cause quite a lot of damage to our poles which are not cheap to replace by any means.

Now you know what to wear at pole fitness session come on down and try it out or buy some of our latest fashion lines inc hoodies, leggings, pole shorts, vest tops & short sports tops all with our striking CPF Studio branding.

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